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Minecraft's built in game rules can be set via the <gamerules> module. Not all gamerules are supported, the table below lists which are supported.


When stopping the daylight cycle, you should either use the <doDaylightCycle> gamerule or the <timelock> module.

<gamerules> </gamerules>Node containing the defined game rules.

Supported Gamerule Sub-elements

<doFireTick>Toggles whether fire spread occurs.true/false
<doTileDrops>Toggles whether tile entities drop.true/false
<doMobLoot>Toggles whether mobs drop loot on death.true/false
<mobGriefing>Toggles whether mobs such as Creepers and Endermen cause enviromental damage.true/false
<naturalRegeneration>Toggles whether or not players naturally regain heath.true/false
<doDaylightCycle>Toggles whether or not time tick occurs.true/false



Unsupported Gamerules

doMobSpawningNot supported in favor of the Mob Spawning module.
keepInventoryNot supported since PGM already solves this with kits.
commandBlockOutputCommand blocks are not used in PGM.
logAdminCommandsNot useful in custom maps.
randomTickSpeedNot useful in custom maps.
reducedDebugInfoNot useful in custom maps.
sendCommandFeedbackNot useful in custom maps.
showDeathMessagesNot supported since PGM handles death messages.