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The <spawners> module provides an easy way of spawning items and splash potions into the world, without using actual spawner blocks with NBT editors.

The module uses the same syntax as Kits to define items and makes use of a specific region to spawn them in.


Currently, only dropped items and splash potions are supported by this module. Other types of entities may be supported in the future.

<spawners> </spawners>Node containing all defined spawners used in this map.
<spawner> </spawner>An individual spawner.Spawner Sub-elements

Spawner Attributes

spawn-regionRequiredThe region in which to spawn the target entities.Region
player-regionRequiredThe region used to determine whether the spawner is actively spawning entities. At least 1 player must be in this region for the spawner to be active.Region
max-entitiesA limit of how many entities this spawner can have spawned at once.Numberoo (infinity)
delayInterval in between spawning attempts.Time Period10s
min-delayUsed to randomize the spawn interval. Combine this with max-delay to create random intervals in between two values.
Cannot be combined with delay.
Time Perioddelay
max-delayUsed to randomize the spawn interval. Combine this with min-delay to create random intervals in between two values.
Cannot be combined with delay.
Time Perioddelay
filterFilter to further control spawn conditions, will return true if at least one player in player-region meets criteria.Filter

Spawner Sub-elements

<item> </item>An item that will be dropped in the spawn-region.Item
<potion> </potion>A single splash potion that will be dropped in the spawn-region.Potion Effects


This will spawn golden swords (in stacks of 1) in the red base, provided there is at least 1 person in that base. The swords will spawn in ramdom intervals of 2s - 10s. The insures that only players on the red team can trigger the spawner.

<spawner spawn-region="red-base" player-region="red-base" max-entities="50" min-delay="2s" max-delay="10s" filter="only-red">
<item amount="1" name="`6Golden Sword" material="gold sword"/>

This will spawn a single splash potion that gives players Absorption III, Speed II and Jump Boost II. The speed and jump boost effects will both last 10 seconds and aborbtion will last 60 seconds. The damage attribute will give the potion a red appeareance based on Potion Values.

<spawner spawn-region="spawner" player-region="spawner-area" delay="2s">
<potion duration="10" amplifier="2" damage="5">
<effect amplifier="3" duration="60">absorption</effect>