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Pickups are used to create a pickup-able kit at a specific location. While somewhat similar to a kit applied using a region, pickups are represented by a physical object and have a refresh time.

By default an ender crystal entity is used to show the pickup location. When a player walks into the crystal it gives them a kit and then de-spawns. The crystal will respawn again at a random location inside the specified region after the set respawn time. This means that the pickup's region must be randomize-able, e.g. a <cuboid>, <cylinder>, <block> or <point>. A <point> region does not return a randomized position but can still be used to specify an exact location for a pickup.

Pickup Element

Pickups ElementDescriptionValue/Children
Node containing all the pickups.Pickup Elements
A single pickup.Pickup Sub-elements

Pickup Attributes

Unique identifier used to reference this pickup from other places in the XML.String
The display name of this pickup, shown above the pickup entity if present.Formatted Text
Entity used to show this pickup's location.
Currently only accepts
Entity TypeEnder Crystal
PropertyFilter if this pickup is and can be spawned.Filter
PropertyFilter who can pick up the pickup's kit.Filter
PropertyRequiredRegion where the pickup entity is placed into.Randomize-able Region
PropertyThe kit to give to players who pick up this pickup.Kit ID
Time until the pickup entity is re-spawned after being picked up.
If set to zero the entity will not despawn and will simply be refreshed.
Time Period3 sec
Time until the pickup is refreshed and can be picked up again.Time Period3 sec
Show the pickup's particle effects.true/falsetrue
Play the pickup's sound effects.true/falsetrue
Pickup Sub-elements
PropertyFilter if this pickup is and can be spawned.Filters
PropertyFilter who can pick up the pickup's kit.Filters
PropertyRequiredRegion where this pickup is placed into.Randomize-able Regions
PropertyThe kit to give to players who pick up this pickup.Kits


<pickup id="archer-pickup" name="`3Archery" region="archery-tower" kit="archery-kit" refresh="5m"/>
<pickup id="healing-pickup" name="`4Healing Station" region="heal-station" refresh="1m">
<effect duration="10" amplifier="4">instant_health</effect>
<pickup id="speed-powerup" region="powerups" kit="speed-kit" refresh="10s"/>
<!-- ... -->
<pickup id="poison-powerdown" region="powerups" kit="poison-kit" refresh="10s"/>