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The score module can be used to give matches a score limit and modify how many points are added to the score for each kill or death. It can also be used to create score boxes that give a player or team a certain amount of points when they enter it.

<score> </score>Node containing the score settings and score boxes.
<limit>The maximum score that can be reached before the match ends.StringNo limit
<mercy>Points that a team will need to lead by to win.
This will increase the score limit until a <limit> is reached.
NumberNo mercy
<kills>Points to give to a team for killing an enemy player.Number0
<deaths>Points to deduct from a team for the accidental death of a team member.Number0
<box>A single score box.Score Box


<!-- First team to reach 100 points wins the match -->

<kills>3</kills> <!-- +3 points for every kill -->
<deaths>2</deaths> <!-- -2 points for accidentally dying -->
<!-- The winner is the first team to get a mercy lead of 5 or reach the limit of 10.
Initially a score limit of 5 will be shown -->

Score Boxes

A score box will give points to a players team when they enter or bring a redeemable item to the score box region. Portals should be used to remove the player from the immediate vicinity of the score box to prevent multiple scores.

<box>A single score box.Box Sub-elements

Box Attributes

pointsPoints awarded for entering the box.Number0
silentDo not notify players when points are scored in this box.true/falsefalse
regionPropertyRequiredThe location and size of the score box.Region
filterPropertyFilter who can score in this box.FilterNo Filter
triggerPropertyDynamic conditions under which this score box is applied.Dynamic Filter

Box Sub-elements

<redeemables>Items that can be redeemed at this score box for points.<item points="1">
<region>PropertyRequiredThe region where this score box is located.Regions
<filter>PropertyFilter who can score in this box.Filters


<!-- Only allow red team to use this score box, and give them two points -->
<box points="2" filter="only-red">
<cylinder base="21,8,63" radius="1" height="2"/>

<box points="8" filter="cyan" region="cyan-scorebox"/>


A score box can also award points in exchange for particular items carried by the player when they enter the box. These items are defined inside a <redeemables> score box sub-element as <item> tags. Each item contains a material name and an optional points="..." attribute specifying the number of points awarded for each item.


<box filter="only-red" region="red-depot">
<item points="5">diamond</item>
<item points="3">emerald</item>
<item points="1">gold nugget</item>

Time Limit

Give the match a time limit, the result attribute determines how the winning team or player is calculated when the time runs out. Result can be the name of a team, or one of the special values; "tie" for no winner, or "objectives" for the team that has the most objectives completed. The time limit can be specified in minutes, etc., by formatting it as a time period.


This tag is not placed inside the score module. Instead, it is located in the root <map> element.

<time result="objectives">5m</time>

Time Attributes

resultChange how the winning team or player is calculated.
Accepts default, tie, objectives, score, or a Team ID.
Victory Condition
Team ID
showDisplay the remaining time in the chat and boss bar.true/falsetrue
overtimeSpecify the length of the overtime once the tie is broken.Time Period
max-overtimeSpecify a maximum duration that the overtime should last.Time Period


Overtime can be used in order to force a single winner in a match. By using the optional overtime="..." attribute in the time element, you can specify a time period. If the score is tied once regulation time ends, the match will extend into overtime. The time will begin to tick down as soon as the tie is broken. It will reset back to the specified time if a tie is reached again or a change in the lead occurs before the time expires.

To limit how long overtime lasts, you can include the max-overtime="..." attribute as well. It, too, accepts a time period as a value. This will count down in the background and force the overtime to count down once surpassing the overtime="..." attribute's value.


Set the overtime attribute to 1s for sudden death overtime.


<!-- Match will last 12 minutes.
If score is tied when time reaches zero, a one-minute overtime starts. If the tie is broken
and no team makes a comeback within one minute, the leading team will win.
The overtime will last a maximum of 15 minutes -->
<time overtime="1m" max-overtime="15m">12m</time>