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Kits are groups of items and effects that can be given to players in various ways. here are many types of kits, and they can be packaged together in any combination.

Kits can be given an id attribute, which is used to refer to them in other places. Kits can contain other kits directly, and can also inherit items from other kits through the parents="" attribute.

Some types of kits are removable, meaning that the kit can be automatically taken from the player as well as given. When used in certain contexts, these kits will be automatically removed from the player at an appropriate time. These can be used in Dynamic Kits. Removable kits will be noted in the documentation where applicable.

Kit Element

<kit> </kit>A kit node, containing specific kit types and/or other kit nodes.

Kit Attributes

idUnique identifier used to reference this kit from other places in the XML.String
filterPropertyFilter when this kit is used.Filter
parentsThe kit's parent or a comma separated list of parent kits.String
forceForce apply the kit, which will override existing items in certain slots.true/false
overflow-warningWarn the player when the kit cannot give the player all of its items.
Defaults to standard translatable message
repair-toolsRepairs tools in the player's inventory with those given in the kit.true/falsetrue
deduct-toolsDeducts the toolrepair given in the kit by the toolrepair in the player's inventory.true/falsetrue
deduct-itemsDeducts the number of items given in the kit by the number of items the player already has.true/falsetrue
drop-overflowDrops overflow items on the ground near the player.true/falsefalse
potion-particlesEnable or disable potion particles.
Potion particles are disabled for all players by default.
reset-ender-pearlsReset any ender pearls the player might have thrown before the kit was applied.true/falsefalse

The effect of the force attribute depends on the type of kit it is used with: conflicting items or armor will be replaced instead of smartly merged and repaired, health and hunger will be set instead of only increased, and potion effects can be replaced with the same effect at a lower level or shorter duration.

<kit id="spawn-kit" force="true">
<item slot="0" material="iron sword"/>
<item slot="8" amount="32" material="bread"/>
<effect duration="5">instant_health</effect>
<kit id="red-kit" parents="spawn">
<helmet color="cd0000" material="leather helmet"/>
<kit id="blue-kit" parents="spawn">
<helmet color="0066cc" material="leather helmet"/>

In the example above players from blue team will get a blue helmet, players from red team will get a red helmet; both teams will get the items from the spawn kit. The spawn kit contains a 5 second healing potion to help prevent spawn killing.

Item & Armor Kits

Kits can place items in specific slots of a player's inventory, and equip them with armor. See Items & Armor for details.

Item kits will replace any items in the player's inventory in slots present in the kit, but they will not alter any other slots. If you want to guarantee that a slot is empty, put an item called "air" in that slot. You can also clear the player's entire inventory before applying the kit by using the <clear/> element.

Inventory Clear Elements
<clear/>Clears all of the player's inventory, including armor slots.
Inventory Clear Attributes
itemsClears all of the player's inventory, except armor slots.true/falsetrue
armorClear's all of the player's armor slots.true/falsetrue
effectsClears all of the player's current potion effects.true/falsefalse
<kit id="ender" reset-ender-pearls="true">
<item slot="0" amount="4" material="ender pearl"/>
<!-- clears items and armor slots by default -->

Game-mode Kit

A player's gamemode can be changed when they spawn, enter or leave a region, etc., by applying a kit with a game-mode element. This is not to be confused with Map Gamemode <gamemode>, which controls how PGM should display a map.

<game-mode> </game-mode>The gamemode to change the player to.Game Mode String

Health & Hunger Kits

A player's health and hunger can be modified with kits, this can be useful on maps with the naturalRegeneration gamerule set to false.

By default health or hunger values are only increased, not decreased. For example, a player with 5 hearts (10 points) will not get a 5 health point kit applied, however a 20 point kit will be applied. This can be overwritten with a kit force="true" attribute.

Health & Hunger Elements
<health> </health>Health value in ½ heart increments.1 - 20
<max-health> </max-health>The maximum health a player can have.>1
<saturation> </saturation>Food saturation, always equal to or less than the player's food level.Decimal
<foodlevel> </foodlevel>Food level in ½ drumstick increments.0 - 20
<kit id="health" force="true">

<kit id="max-health-kit" force="true">
<!-- Double health, default is 20 -->

<kit id="hunger">

Team Switch Kit

Allow for players who receive this kit to be forced onto a different team.

<team-switch/>Switch the player's current team.
Team Switch Kit Attributes
teamThe new team to switch the player to.Team ID
show-titleSet if the player should recieve join message as a title.true/falsetrue
<kit id="team-switch">
<team-switch team="blue-team" show-title="false"/>

Dynamic Kits

Kits that are removable can be given and taken dynamically by using a Dynamic Filter.

<give>Gives a kit to a player when they match the filter.Dynamic Filter
<take>Removes a kit when they match the filter.Dynamic Filter
<lend>Loans a player a kit when the filter is ALLOW, removes when they stop matching the filter.Dynamic Filter
<!-- Kit and Filter References -->
<lend kit="jumper-kit" filter="carrying-gold"/>
<give kit="regen-kit" filter="holding-redstone"/>
<!-- Player can no longer fly after carrying the flag -->

Potion Effect Kits (removable)

Potion effects can be applied and removed with a kit. See Potion Effects for details about the <effect> element.

<effect duration="10" amplifier="4">resistance</effect>

Attribute Modifier Kits (removable)

Attribute modifiers can be applied directly to players through a kit. Modifying attributes in this way, instead of through an item, is a simple way to ensure that the player cannot avoid the effect of the modifier. See Attribute Modifiers to learn how they are applied to items.

The only way to remove an attribute modifier applied to a player is by removing the kit that applied it. A kit cannot affect a modifier applied by a different kit.

Attribute Operations

  • add — Add amount
  • base — Multiply amount by base value and add it
  • multiply — Multiply by amount
Attribute Kit Elements
<attribute> </attribute>Attribute Name
Attribute Kit Attributes
amountNumeric parameterDecimal
operationModifier operationadd / base / multiplyadd
<attribute operation="add" amount="0.5">generic.movementSpeed</attribute>

Walk Speed Kit (removable)

Increase or decrease a player's walking speed. The value is a multiplier of the normal walking speed.

<walk-speed> </walk-speed>Increase or decrease a player's walking speed.0 - 5.0
<kit id="rabbit">
<!-- 1.8 times faster than a normal player -->

<kit id="tortoise">
<!-- half as fast as a normal player -->

Knockback Reduction Kit (removable)

Reduce (or increase) the knockback players receive when they have this kit applied. The normal input range is 0 - 1.0. If the value is greater than one the knockback will be increased, and anything lower than zero pushes the player to the attacker instead of away from them.

<knockback-reduction> </knockback-reduction>Knockback reduction amount.Number

Shield Kit (removable)

The shield kit gives the player a shield consisting of absorption hearts that recharge after a set period of time. Recharging of the shield is based on when damage was taken last, every time a player is damaged it resets the recharge timer.

<shield/>Give the player a rechargable shield of absorption hearts.
Shield Kit Attributes
healthAmount of extra absorption hearts to give to the player.Decimal4
delayTime to wait after a player is last damaged to recharge the shield.Time Period4s
<shield health="4" delay="8s"/>

Double Jump Kit (removable)

Give players with this kit the ability to double-jump. This element's enabled attribute can be used to disable double-jump inside regions, etc.

<double-jump/>Give a player the ability to double-jump.
Double-Jump Attributes
enabledEnable or disable double-jump.true/falsetrue
powerPower of the double jump.
A normal player jump is 1.25 blocks.
recharge-timeRecharge time until the player can double jump again.Time Period2.5s
recharge-before-landingPlayer starts recharging before they land from their previous jump.true/falsefalse
<double-jump recharge-before-landing="true"/>

Fly Kit (removable)

The fly kit gives players which it is applied to the ability to fly. It also allows modification of the speed at which they fly. If no attributes are specified, can-fly defaults to true.

<fly/>Control the player's flying ability.
Fly Kit Attributes
can-flySet if the player can fly.true/falsetrue
flyingSet if the player is currently flying.
To enable flying, can-fly cannot be set to false.
fly-speedSet the fly speed multiplier.0 - 101
<kit id="fly">
<fly/> <!-- Allow player to fly -->
<fly can-fly="false"/> <!-- Do not allow player to fly -->
<fly flying="true"/> <!-- Make the player fly right away -->
<fly flying="false"/> <!-- Make the player stop flying right away -->