Airship Battle

➡️ Every map XML file starts with the XML header and then the base <map> module.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<map proto="1.4.0">
<!-- Specifies what the map is called -->
<name>Airship Battle</name>
<!-- States what version the map is -->
<!-- Tells the teams what the objective is in order to win the game -->
<objective>Leak lava from the enemy's obsidian core into the void.</objective>
<!-- States who made the map -->
<author uuid="30e27366-0b14-4076-8f55-0819ece49ce3"/> <!-- Dewtroid -->
<!-- Shows any map rules that are not in normal OCN rules -->
<rule>Dispensers are disabled</rule>

➡️ Defines the teams colors, names and how many people can be on the teams.

<team id="blue-team" color="blue" max="24">Blue Team</team>
<team id="red-team" color="dark red" max="24">Red Team</team>

➡️ Define a kit with special TNT defuser shears.

<kit id="shears">
<item slot="8" name="`6TNT Defuser" lore="`7Right click to defuse teammate's TNT|`7Does not work in `9water`7!" material="shears"/>

➡️ Specify where the previously defined teams will spawn, the kit they will spawn with and what direction they face.

<spawn team="blue-team" kit="shears" yaw="270">
<cuboid min="4.5,91,-34" max="7.5,91,-31"/>
<spawn team="red-team" kit="shears" yaw="90">
<cuboid min="-30.5,91,-34" max="-27.5,91,-31"/>
<default yaw="180">
<cylinder base="-11.5,90,-33" radius="3" height="0"/>

➡️ These filters is used to prevent people from placing dispensers or obsidian in the regions they are applied to.

<not id="deny-dispenser">
<not id="deny-obsidian">

➡️ These regions reference the dispenser and obsidian filters defined above and states where they will work.

<apply leave="never" message="Don't exit the playing field!">
<rectangle min="-102,-4" max="102,125"/> <!-- Main area -->
<rectangle min="-36,-16" max="13,-2"/> <!-- Area between spawn tunnels -->
<apply block="never" message="Don't edit blocks outside the playing field!">
<union id="map">
<rectangle min="-100,-2" max="100,123"/> <!-- Main area -->
<rectangle min="-36,-14" max="13,-2"/> <!-- Area between spawn tunnels -->
<apply block-break="deny-obsidian" message="You may not break obsidian outside the core area!">
<region id="map"/>
<cuboid min="13,85,23" max="18,92,30"/>
<cuboid min="-41,85,23" max="-36,92,30"/>
<apply block-place="deny-dispenser" message="Dispensers are disabled on this map!">

➡️ This specifies what material the core is made of, who each core belongs to and how far the lava needs to leak.

<cores material="obsidian" leak="10">
<core team="blue">
<cuboid min="13,85,23" max="18,92,30"/>
<core team="red">
<cuboid min="-41,85,23" max="-36,92,30"/>

➡️ Remove shears, obsidian and gold block items from the playing field when they are dropped.

<item>gold block</item>


This specifies how high players can build however it doesn't stop them from going over this limit.


➡️ Close the main <map> module.