Potions & Effects

Potion Names & Colors

Damage values set the potion color, potion effect, default duration and name for potion items. Use the <effect> element to set custom duration, amplifier and desired potion effect.

Damage ValuePotion NameStatus EffectColor
Water BottleBlue
Potion of RegenerationPink
Potion of SwiftnessSky Blue
Potion of Fire ResistanceOrange
Potion of PoisonGreen
Potion of HealingRed
Potion of Night VisionNavy Blue
Clear PotionBlue
Potion of WeaknessGray
Potion of StrengthDark Red
Potion of SlownessBlue-gray
Potion of LeapingBright Green
Potion of HarmingPurple
Potion of Water BreathingBlue
Potion of InvisibilityLight Gray
Thin PotionBlue

Splash Potions

Splash potions are determined by adding the damage value 16384 to the chosen potion value.

<!-- 16384 + 18 = 16402 -->
<!-- Splash potion + Speed color = Splash Potion of Swiftness I -->
<item amount="1" material="potion" damage="16402" name="Super Speed">
<!-- Overwrites original three minute Speed I effect -->
<effect duration="1m" amplifier="2">speed</effect>
<!-- 16384 + 5 = 16389 -->
<!-- Splash potion + Healing color = Splash Potion of Instant Health I -->
<item amount="1" material="potion" damage="16389">
<effect amplifier="1">instant_health</effect>