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Potions & Effects

Potion Names & Colors

Damage values set the potion color, potion effect, default duration and name for potion items. Use the <effect> element to set custom duration, amplifier and desired status effect.

Damage ValuePotion NameStatus EffectColor
0Water BottleN/ABlue
1Potion of RegenerationregenerationPink
2Potion of SwiftnessspeedSky Blue
3Potion of Fire Resistancefire_resistanceOrange
4Potion of PoisonpoisonGreen
5Potion of Healinginstant_healthRed
6Potion of Night Visionnight_visionNavy Blue
7Clear PotionN/ABlue
8Potion of WeaknessweaknessGray
9Potion of StrengthstrengthDark Red
10Potion of SlownessslownessBlue-gray
11Potion of Leapingjump_boostBright Green
12Potion of Harminginstant_damagePurple
13Potion of Water BreathingN/ABlue
14Potion of InvisibilityinvisibilityLight Gray
15Thin PotionN/ABlue

Splash Potions

Splash potions are determined by adding the damage value 16384 to the chosen potion value.

Damage ValuePotion NameStatus EffectColor
16384Water BottleN/ABlue
16385Splash Potion of RegenerationregenerationPink
16386Splash Potion of SwiftnessspeedSky Blue
16387Splash Potion of Fire Resistancefire_resistanceOrange
16388Splash Potion of PoisonpoisonGreen
16389Splash Potion of Healinginstant_healthRed
16390Splash Potion of Night Visionnight_visionNavy Blue
16391Clear PotionN/ABlue
16392Splash Potion of WeaknessweaknessGray
16393Splash Potion of StrengthstrengthDark Red
16394Splash Potion of SlownessslownessBlue-gray
16395Splash Potion of Leapingjump_boostBright Green
16396Splash Potion of Harminginstant_damagePurple
16397Splash Potion of Water BreathingN/ABlue
16398Splash Potion of InvisibilityinvisibilityLight Gray
16399Thin PotionN/ABlue


<!-- 16384 + 2 = 16386 -->
<!-- Splash potion + Speed color = Splash Potion of Swiftness I -->
<item amount="1" material="potion" damage="16386" name="Super Speed">
<!-- Overwrites original three minute Speed I effect -->
<effect duration="1m" amplifier="2">speed</effect>

<!-- 16384 + 5 = 16389 -->
<!-- Splash potion + Healing color = Splash Potion of Instant Health I -->
<item amount="1" material="potion" damage="16389">
<effect amplifier="1">instant_health</effect>

Other Status Effects

Potions can have other status effects applied that are not potion effects. Multiple effects can be applied to a potion.

Status EffectStatus ID
Health Boosthealth_boost
Mining Fatigueslow_digging


<!-- Strength potion color -->
<item material="potion" damage="9">
<effect amplifier="3" duration="100">absorption</effect>
<effect amplifier="1" duration="30">fast_digging</effect>
<effect amplifier="2" duration="30">speed</effect>
<!-- Strength potion effect is not applied at all -->