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Enchantments can be referenced by their Bukkit or Minecraft name. Bukkit enchantment names are not case sensitive and a space can be used instead of an underscore.


PGM allows enchantments to be applied to any item regardless if the enchant was intended for it or not.

IDBukkit NameMinecraft NameDescription
Armor Enchantments
0Provides protection against environmental damage.
1Provides protection against fire damage.
2Provides protection against fall damage.
3Provides protection against explosive damage.
4Provides protection against projectile damage.
5Decreases the rate of air loss whilst underwater.
6Increases the speed at which a player may mine underwater.
7Damages the attacker.
8Increases the speed at which a player may move underwater.
9Create frost blocks when walking over water.
Tool Enchantments
16Increases damage against all targets.
17Increases damage against undead targets.
18Increases damage against arthropod targets.
19All damage to other targets will knock them back when hit.
20When attacking a target, has a chance to set them on fire.
21Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when killing monsters.
32Increases the rate at which you mine/dig.

Allows blocks to drop themselves instead of fragments.

(For example, stone instead of cobblestone)

34Decreases the rate at which a tool looses durability.
35Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when destroying blocks.
Bow Enchantments
48Provides extra damage when shooting arrows from bows.

Provides a knockback when an entity is hit by an arrow from a bow.

50Sets entities on fire when hit by arrows shot from a bow.
51Provides infinite arrows when shooting a bow.
Fishing Enchantments
61Decreases odds of catching worthless junk.
62Increases rate of fish biting your hook.
Item Enchantments
70Repair the item using experience orbs.

Copied from: bukkit docs - Enchantments