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Players or mobs carrying or wearing items with these attributes will have the effects specified applied to themselves.

NameDescriptionDefault BaseMinMax
The maximum health of this mob, determines the highest health they may be healed to.
Resistance to knockback from attacks, explosions, and projectiles.
1.0 is full knockback resistance.
Speed of movement in some unknown metric. The mob's maximum speed in blocks/second is a bit over 43 times this value, but can be affected by various conditions.
Damage dealt by attacks, in half-hearts.
Armor defense points.
Armor Toughness.
Player Attributes
Determines speed at which attack strength recharges. Value is the number of full-strength attacks per second.4.00.01024.0
Affects the results of loot tables using the quality or bonus_rolls tag (e.g. when opening chests or chest minecarts, fishing, and killing mobs).0.0-1024.01024.0

Incomplete list, copied from: Minecraft Wiki Attributes.