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Payload (Experimental)

Payload has an attacking team and defending team. The attacking team's objective is to push a minecart (the payload) to the end of the track, usually towards the defending team's base. The defending team can prevent this by killing enemies and pushing the minecart back.

The payload is portrayed in-game as a minecart holding a colored block which changes depending on which team is pushing it. The track must be built with rails. The start of the track will display as 0% completion, and 100% completion is where ever the track ends.

This gamemode is entirely based off of Control Points, so it currently supports everything that a control point supports.


This gamemode was introduced in PGM version 0.14, therefore it is experimental and must be enabled for playtesting. In its current state, Payload only properly supports Attack/Defend-type payload.

You can enable it for your PGM server by navigating to PGM configuration file and edit the following line:

payload: true

All documentation here is subject to rapid change. Please report any issues in our Discord or the PGM issue tracker.

Payload Element

<payloads> </payloads>A node containing the payloads for this map.
<payload/>An individual payload.Payload Attributes

Payload Attributes

locationRequiredThe starting position of the payload.X,Y,Z
radiusRequiredThe distance at which a player can affect the payload.Number
display-filterFilter when particles should be shown.Filteralways
capture-timeThe time needed for the payload to reach the end of the track.Time Period30s
Supports every other feature of Control Points.


<payload location="x,y,z" radius="3" display-filter="filter" capture-time="1m" decay-rate="0.25" .../>

Video Example