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Monument Modes

This module can be used to customize the modes that cores and destroyables cycle through and at what duration they do so. When a monuments mode changes, its material is usually changed from a hard to a soft block.

The <modes> tag can contain any number of <mode> tags at any duration, even at the same time. Each <mode> has configurable characteristics that define it.

<modes> </modes>Node containing the monument modes for this match.Mode Elements
<mode/>An individual monument mode.Mode Attributes

Mode Attributes

idUnique identifier used to reference this mode from other places in the XML.String
nameThe custom mode display name, used for the mode change notification.Formatted Text
filterFilter that triggers mode countdown.Dynamic Filter
materialRequiredThe material the core/destroyable will change to.Single Material Pattern
afterRequiredThe time from the start of the match until this mode takes effect. If a filter is defined, then it will be the time since the filter passes ALLOW.Time Period
show-beforeThe time before a mode is transitioning to show it in the boss bar. If show-before is set to 0, the mode is not shown in the boss bar at all.Time Period1m


Simple Monument Mode Setup

This specifies a mode that will change the material of affected objectives to gold blocks after ten minutes of gameplay.

<mode after="10m" material="gold block"/>

Momument Mode with Dynamic Filter

A mode can be triggered by a dynamic filter when it passes ALLOW to PGM. In this case, the after attribute means the mode will change in the given amount of time after the filter changes to ALLOW.

<!-- Turns objectives to emerald blocks 20 seconds after Red Monument and Blue Monument have been destryoed -->
<mode after="20s" filter="modes-filter" material="emerald block"/>
<all id="modes-filter">

Monument Modes Cycling

In order for a destroyable or core objective to change modes, it must have modes or mode-changes="true" in its element tag. Objectives with mode-changes enabled will cycle through all modes, regardless if the mode has an ID.

<destroyables name="Monument" materials="obsidian">
<destroyable owner="red" mode-changes="true">
<cuboid min="46,16,26" max="45,14,25"/>
<!-- destroyable is already affected by modes listed -->
<core team="red" modes="gold-mode sandstone-mode glass-mode">
<cuboid min="10,15,12" max="12,13,16"/>
<mode after="5m" material="gold block" id="gold-mode"/>
<mode after="10m" material="sandstone" id="sandstone-mode"/>
<mode after="15m" material="glass" id="glass-mode"/>

Monument Mode Notification

This shows a mode that will change the material of enabled objectives to coal blocks after ten minutes of gameplay. The following text, > > > EASY MODE < < < will displayed in the boss bar in yellow.

<mode after="5m" material="coal block" name="`eEASY MODE"/>

Complete Monument Modes Setup

In this example, the two cores and the two monuments turn to glass in ten minutes, and the two cores will turn to gold in fifteen minutes. Enabling an objective's mode-changes attribute is not necessary in this case.

<cores modes="glass-mode gold-mode">
<core team="red-team" region="red-core"/>
<core team="blue-team" region="blu-core"/>
<destroyables materials="obsidian" modes="glass-mode">
<destroyable owner="red-team" region="mon-red" name="Red Monument"/>
<destroyable owner="blue-team" region="mon-blu" name="Blue Monument"/>
<mode id="glass-mode" after="10m" material="glass" name="`fGlass Mode"/>
<mode id="gold-mode" after="15m" material="gold block" name="`6Gold Mode"/>