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You can modify TNT explosion & placing behavior with this module. Destruction of terrain can be easily disabled with the blockdamage element. If it is set to false the yield element will have no effect since there won't be any block drops. TNT damage can be further limited with the disable damage module.

By default dispensers containing TNT will ignite their TNT when exploded. This behavior can be customized with the <dispenser-tnt-limit> and <dispenser-tnt-multiplier> elements, setting either of these to 0 will disable it.

If licensing is enabled only players with a TNT license can use TNT. This license is revoked if a player kills too many of their teammates using TNT.

TNT Element

Node containing the custom TNT settings.
Instantly ignite TNT when placed.true/falsefalse
Specify if TNT destroys the terrain.true/falsetrue
Modify the amount of items dropped by the explosion as a percentage.
Not valid when is false.
0 - 1.0
Modify the explosions block radius.0 - 20.0
Time till the TNT explodes once it is ignited.Time Period
Max amount of TNT a dispenser ignites when exploded.0 - 6416
Multiplier for the amount of TNT ignited when a dispenser is exploded.0 - 2.00.25
TNT usage is restricted to players who are licensed.true/falsetrue
Players may defuse TNT placed by their teammates.true/falsetrue