Potion Effects

The potion <effect> element can be used in a kit to apply potion effects directly to a player, or used to give a custom effect to a potion bottle item.

Duration specifies how long the potion will last, and amplifier determines what level / how strong the potion is. The effect type is specified by its Minecraft ID. Effect IDs should be specified without their minecraft: prefix.

Effect Element
A potion effectStatus Effect ID
Effect Attributes
Duration of the effect.Time Periodoo (forever)
Strength of the effect. The value matches what is displayed to the player in-game, so the first tier of potions have amplifier 1.Number1


<effect duration="900" amplifier="1">jump_boost</effect>
<!-- Commonly used to prevent unintended damage when spawning -->
<effect duration="2" amplifier="10">damage_resistance</effect>