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Classes allow the player to pick a specific class at the beginning of the game which gives them special abilities. Classes can be used on any map type, however care must be taken to balance them properly. Players can then change their class in game with the /class command.

<classes> </classes>A node containing a single class or a group of classes.
<class> </class>A single player class.Class Sub-elements
Class Attributes
nameRequiredThe class's name, must be unique.String
descriptionThe description shown in the /classes command.String
longdescriptionThe description shown in class picker menu.String
iconRequiredThe icon shown in the class picker menu.Single Material Pattern
familyRequiredThe "group" of classes.Class Family Name
stickyIf set to true, players cannot change the class mid-match, instead they must rejoin.true/falsefalse
defaultSpecify if the class is the default class for new players.
One class must be set as the default.
restrictIf set to true, only operators can use this class.true/falsefalse
Class Sub-elements
<kit>The kit given to players using this class.Kits


<classes family="ghost" sticky="true">
<!-- This is the default, so players will join with this unless they change class. -->
<class name="Demon" default="true" description="Smoke and Fire!" icon="fireball">
<effect amplifier="2" ambient="true">damage resistance</effect>
<effect ambient="true">speed</effect>
<item slot="8" amount="16" material="cooked beef"/>
<item slot="1" amount="5" name="`3Grenade" grenade="true" material="ender pearl"/>
<!-- The second class is Pyro, players can select this before joining or changing in game with /class. -->
<class name="Pyro" description="Light players on fire!" icon="flint and steel">
<item slot="0" enchantment="fire aspect" name="`6Fire Stick" material="blaze rod"/>
<item slot="1" enchantment="arrow fire" name="`6Fire Bow" unbreakable="true" material="bow"/>
<item slot="7" amount="10" material="arrow"/>