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Mob Spawning

By default, PGM disables all mob spawning. The mobs module allows this behavior to be customized to allow spawning of specific mobs. This module makes use of the <spawn>, <mob> and <entity> filters to only allow specific mobs to spawn. Mob spawns can also be filtered against any other filter type, including regions.

<mobs> </mobs>Node containing the custom mob spawning filters.
filterPropertyRequiredFilter what mobs can spawn when and where.Filters
<filter> </filter>PropertyRequiredFilter what mobs can spawn when and where.Filters
Mob Spawning Filter Matchers
<spawn> </spawn>Filter the reason a mob is being spawned.Spawn Reason
<mob> </mob>The mob to filter for.Creature Type
<entity> </entity>The entity to filter for.Entity Type


<!-- Only allow mobs to spawn from monster spawners. -->

<!-- Only allow cave spiders spawned with spawn eggs -->
<mob>cave spider</mob>
<spawn>spawner egg</spawn>