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The broadcast module allows you to send a message to all players at any given point in the match. Inside the broadcast tag you may specify either a <alert> or a <tip> message tag with an after="" attribute. This attribute is required and specifies how long after the match is started the broadcast is shown.

The text in broadcasts can be formatted by using Text Formatting.


This module should only be used to show important information that is specific and unique to the map. It should not be used for generic server-related messages.

<broadcasts> </broadcasts>An element containing all the defined broadcast messages.
<tip> </tip>This will display a [Tip] message.Formatted Text
<alert> </alert>This will display a [Alert] message.Formatted Text
Message Tag Attributes
afterRequiredDuration to wait after the match starts to show the message.Time Period
everyAfter the message is shown, repeat it with this duration between messages.Time Period
countAmount of times the message is repeated.
Infinite repetition can be specified by using oo as the duration.
filterPropertyFilter if the broadcast message should be sent after the duration has passed, or if it is skipped.Filter
Message Tag Sub-elements
<filter>PropertyDuration to wait after the match starts to show the message.Filters


<tip after="30s">A [Tip] displayed 30 seconds into the match</tip>
<alert after="5m">An [Alert] displayed after 5 minutes</alert>
<tip after="10m" count="3">Repeated [Tip] at 10m, 20m, and 30m</tip>
<tip after="99s" count="oo">Repeated every 99 seconds, forever</tip>
<tip after="20m" every="1m">Displayed at 20m and every minute after that</tip>
<tip after="30m" every="10m" count="3">At 30m, 40m, and 50m</tip>