Time & Dimension


Time Set

Sets the map to use a certain time on match load, measured in ticks.

<!-- Sets map to midnight -->

Random Time

World time can be set from one of six possible times at random when a match loads.

<!-- 1000, 6000, 12610, 13000, 14000, 18000 -->
<!-- day noon dusk night midnight -->

Time Lock

Locks the time to a certain time, either from <timeset> or from the world data. Time lock must be specifically turned off if one wishes to have the time cycle. This can also be accomplished with the doDaylightCycle gamerule.

<timelock>off</timelock> <!-- Defaults to on -->


Change the dimension the map is played in to nether, normal or the end. The default is normal. This mainly affects the color of the sky and natural mob spawning if it's enabled.