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Ender Chests

This module allow mapmakers to have better control over vanilla Ender chest behaviors in a map.

The <enderchest> tag can contain any number of <dropoff> tags. Each <dropoff> can use a region and a filter to determine where and when items should be dropped from the Ender chest.

Dropoffs handle taking a player's Ender chest inventory and dropping it on the ground at a defined region or it can completely erase it. This is triggered once the player switches teams or stops participating in the match.


Ensure that any maps with Ender chests are loaded on a server using PGM version 0.15 or newer. Pre-existing Ender chests in previous versions of PGM are not supported and will allow players to transfer items across matches. Additionally, players cannot place Ender chests under any circumstances.

Enderchest Element

<enderchest> </enderchest>Node containing this map's Ender chest properties.
<dropoff>An individual Ender chest drop-off rule.Enderchest Sub-elements

Enderchest Attributes

fallbackSpecify a fallback operation for when no drop-off passes the filters.
KEEP will maintain items when the player leaves a match.
DELETE will clear the content of a player's Ender chest if they leave a match. Under AUTO, it will acts as DELETE if no drop-offs are defined, otherwise it will act as KEEP.

Dropoff Attributes

regionPropertyRequiredRegion in which a player's Ender chest content will be dropped off.Randomize-able Regions
filterPropertyRequiredFilter to determine whether to drop off Ender chest content at this location or attempt the next location (if any).Filter


Drop-off Locations

<!-- Add drop-off locations for when player switches teams or leave the match -->
<!-- Each drop-off requires a region & filter attribute -->
<dropoff region="red-spawn" filter="red-only"/>
<dropoff region="blue-spawn" filter="blue-only"/>

Fallback Behavior

If you want Ender chest contents to not drop upon a certain event, you can specify what PGM will do with the inventory. This will also be used when a drop-off is not possible.

By default, PGM will use AUTO if neither regions nor a fallback preference are specified. KEEP will cause PGM to maintain a player's Ender chest if they leave. Upon rejoining, the Ender chest will have the same inventory as before. DELETE will cause PGM to clear a player's Ender chest if they leave. Upon rejoining, the Ender chest will be empty.

<!-- Specify a fallback option for when no drop-off locations are defined -->
<enderchest fallback="KEEP"/>