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PGM Commands

This page describes a list of PGM commands, aliases, and permissions. Permissions are prefixed with Permissions (i.e. Permissions.ADMINCHAT).

/a$ (do not use forward slash)Send a message to operators.[message]ADMINCHAT
/action listactions list
actions page
Inspect variables for a player.-q query
-a all
/action triggeractions triggerTrigger a specific action.[action]GAMEPLAY
/action untriggeractions untriggerUntrigger a specific action.[action]GAMEPLAY
/mode pushReschedule all unconditional objective modes.[time]GAMEPLAY
/mode startStarts an objective mode.[mode number] [time]GAMEPLAY
/team aliasRename a team.[old team name] [new team name]GAMEPLAY
/timelimittlStart a time limit.-r result (can be default, objectives, tie, or name of team)[duration] [result] [overtime] [max-overtime]GAMEPLAY
/joinplayJoin the match.-f force[team] – defaults to randomJOIN
/team forceForce a player onto a team.JOIN_FORCE
/team shuffleShuffle players among the teams.-a all -f forceJOIN_FORCE
/leaveobsLeave the match.LEAVE
Load new maps.-f forceRELOAD
/pgmReload the configuration.RELOAD
/ffa minSet the minimum players.[reset | min-players]RESIZE
/ffa sizeSet the maximum players.[reset | max-players] (max-overfill)RESIZE
/team minSet the minimum players on a team.[team] (reset | min-players)RESIZE
/team sizeSet the maximum players on a team[reset] (max-players | max-overfill)RESIZE
/setnextChange the next map.-f force
-r reset
[map name]SETNEXT
/setpoolChange the map pool.-r revert to dynamic
-t timelimit
-m matchlimit
[pool name]SETNEXT
/setrot resetReset the rotation to default. Use /setpool to reset to other types of pools.-t timelimit
-m matchlimit
/setrotSet a rotation as current pool. Use /setpool to set other types of pools.-t timelimit
-m matchlimit
[rotation name]SETNEXT
/skipSkip the next map.[positions]SETNEXT
/vote addAdd a custom map to the next vote.[map name]SETNEXT
/vote clearClear all custom map selections from the next vote.SETNEXT
/vote modeToggle the voting mode between replace and override.SETNEXT
/vote removermRemove a custom map from the next vote.[map name]SETNEXT
/cycleCycle to the next match-f forceSTART
/recyclerematchReload (cycle to) the current map-f forceSTART
/startbeginStart the match.START
Cancels all countdowns.STOP
/finishendEnd the match.[competitor]STOP
Restart the server.-f forceSTOP
/vanishvToggle vanish status.VANISH
Selects your class.
List all available classes.
! (do not use forward slash)
Send a message to everyone.[message]
View a player’s inventory.
View a list of online players.
/mapmapinfoShow info about a map.[map name] – defaults to current map
List all loaded maps.-a author
-t tag1,tag2
-n name
/matchmatchinfoShow the match info.
/mode listpageList all objective modes.[page]
/mode nextShow the next objective mode.
@ (do not use forward slash)
Send a direct message to a player.[player] [message]
Show which map is playing next.
/poolList the maps in the map pool.-t type
-p pool
-s scores
-c chance of vote
/poolsList all the map pools.-d dynamic only
/proximityproxShow the progress of each objective.
/replyrReply to a direct message.[message]
/rotList the maps in the rotation. Use /pool to see unfiltered results.-s scores
-c chance
/rotsList all the rotations. Use /pools to see unfiltered results.-d dynamic only[page]
/settingGet the value of a setting.[setting]
/settingsOpen the settings menu.
/statsShow your stats for the match.
/tSend a message to your team.[message]
/togglesetToggle or set the value of a setting.[setting] [option]
Open the observer tools menu.
/vote listlsView a list of maps that have been selected for the next vote.
/votebookSpawn a vote book.
/votenextVote for the next map.-o force open[map name]

Spreadsheet can be found here.