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Community Commands

This page describes a list of commands, aliases, and permissions for Community, a standalone plugin for managing PGM servers. Commands for moderation, punishments, etc will be shown here. Permissions are prefixed with CommunityPermissions (i.e. CommunityPermissions.LOOKUP_OTHERS).

/altsalternateaccountsView a list of alternate accounts of a player.[target]LOOKUP_OTHERS
Request help from staff members.[reason] – Let staff know what you need help with
Ban a player from the server.[player] [reason]BAN
Broadcast an announcement to everyone.[title] [message] or [message]BROADCAST
/chat clearClears the chat.CHAT_MANAGEMENT
/chat locklockdownToggle lock status for the chat.CHAT_MANAGEMENT
/chat slowslowmodeToggle chat slowmode.CHAT_MANAGEMENT
/chat statusView current chat mode status.CHAT_MANAGEMENT
/chatManage the chat status.defaults to statusCHAT_MANAGEMENT
Edit inventory contents of target block (chest, furnace, dispenser, beacon, etc.)CONTAINER
/community punishmentspImports bans to database.[true/false] – verboseRELOAD
/community reloadReloads the Community configuration.RELOAD
/community statsDisplays total users, punishments and reports.RELOAD
/communityManage the community plugin.reloads by defaultRELOAD
/flyflightToggle your flight mode.FLIGHT
/flyspeedAdjust your flight speed.FLIGHT_SPEED
Toggle a player’s frozen state.[username]FREEZE
/friend acceptaccAccept an incoming friend request.[username | uuid]FRIENDSHIP
/friend addrequest
Sends a friend request to another player.[username | uuid]FRIENDSHIP
/friend rejectdenyDenies an incoming friend request.[username | uuid]FRIENDSHIP
/friend removedelete
Removes a friend.[username | uuid]FRIENDSHIP
/friend requestsincoming
View a list of your pending friend requests.FRIENDSHIP
Manage your friend relationships.defaults to listFRIENDSHIP
/friends/friend listView a list of friends.FRIENDSHIP
View a list of frozen players.FREEZE
/gamemodegmAdjust your or another player’s gamemode.GAMEMODE
/kickkKick a player from the server.[player] [reason]KICK
/languagesView a list of online languages.TRANSLATE
/lookuplView infraction history of a player.[player] [page]LOOKUP_OTHERS
/modtoolsmtoolsGive moderator tools to observer.STAFF
/mutate addaAdd a mutation to the match.MUTATION
/mutate listlsView a list of mutations.
/mutate removerm
Remove an active mutation from the match.MUTATION
Manage match mutations.MUTATION
/mutemPervent a player from speaking in the chat.[player] [duration] [reason]MUTE
/mutesList all online players who are muted.MUTE
/namebannb [/ban username/name]Bans a username from the server, player can still reconnect if their username changes.[player] [reason] – no reason requiredBAN
/nick checkCheck if the provided name is avaliable.[nick]NICKNAME
/nick clearresetRemove nickname from yourself or another player.[target] (needs NICKNAME_OTHER permissions) – defaults to own playerNICKNAME
/nick confirmConfirm random nickname choice.[name] – Confirm name from nick selectionNICKNAME
/nick randomSet a random nickname.NICKNAME
/nick setSet your nickname.[name]NICKNAME_SET
/nick setotherotherSet the nickname of another player.[target] [nick]NICKNAME_OTHER
/nick skinSet skin for current nick session.[username] – name of skin to copyNICKNAME_SET
/nick statusCheck your current nickname status.[target] (needs NICKNAME_OTHER perms) – defaults to own player
/nick toggleToggle your nickname status.
/nickSet a nickname.NICKNAME
/nicks/nick listView a list of online nicked players.STAFF
/playerplView a list of recent reports for the targeted player.[player] [page]REPORTS
/profileuserView account info for a player.[username | uuid]LOOKUP_OTHERS
/punishmenthistoryphView a list of recent punishments.[page]PUNISH
[/sponsor queue]
View the sponsored maps queue.
/recordinfractions mypunishmentsView your punishment history.[page]LOOKUP
/repeatpunishmentrpRepeat the last punishment you performed for another player.[player]PUNISH
/reportReport a player who is breaking the rules.[username] [reason]
View report history.REPORTS
/requestreqRequest a map.[map] – Name of map to requestREQUEST
/requests clearClear map requests.[map] – Leave empty to clear allSTAFF
/requestsreqsView and manage map requests.clearSTAFF
View when a player was last seen online.[player]FIND
/sponsor mapsView a list of maps which can be sponsored.
/sponsor requestsubmit
Sponsor a map request.[map] – Name of map to sponsor (only allowed maps)
/sponsorView the sponsor request, cancel – defaults to info
View a list of online staff members.
/sudoforceForce targets to perform given command.[commands]ADMIN
[/ban temp temporary t]
Temporarily bans a player from a server.[player] [duration] [reason]BAN
/tokens balanceCheck your token balance.
/tokens giveawardGive the target player sponsor tokens.[player] [token amount]ADMIN
View how many sponsor tokens you have.defaults to balance
/tpteleportTeleport to another player.[player] [other player]TELEPORT
Teleport players to you.[player]TELEPORT_OTHERS
Teleport to specific coordinates.[x,y,z] [target player]TELEPORT_LOCATION
Target a player for the player hook tool.STAFF
/translateTranslate the given chat message.TRANSLATE
Pardon all active punishments for a player.[player]UNBAN
/unmuteumUnmute a player.[player]MUTE
/uptimeView how long the server has been online.
/usernamehistoyuhView the name history of a user.[player]LOOKUP_OTHERS
/warnwWarn a player for bad behavior.[player] [reason]WARN

Spreadsheet can be found here.