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Events is the official PGM plugin for managing PvP matches in a competitive setting. Team joining is disabled for everyone, and upon joining or cycling, all players on the match's registered teams are forced onto their respective, defined-in-config teams.

The plugin also manages cycling and starting matches as well as readying teams. Maps played in a match can be customized using a format file. Customizable vetos are also supported.


  1. Once you download Events from the Downloads page, make sure that PGM is loaded and all your maps are present under the maps folder.

  2. Ensure that plugins/Events/teams/ contains all the teams playing in this tournament and plugins/Events/formats/ contains the formats for this tournament. You can find more information on how to create both in this section.

  3. Register each team playing with /tm register <team>

  4. Start the format with /tm create <format> where <format>.xml is a valid file in plugins/Ingame/formats

You will find more information about the plugin's commands in the Commands section. There is only one value to be configured, which is observers-must-ready. If disabled, the match will start without observers having to execute /ready. This is specially useful for referees, hence why it is enabled by default.


  • events.staff - Allows users to run /tm commands (for administrators)
  • events.spectate - Allows users to spectate matches. This applies for users that are not playing
  • events.spectate.vanish - Like the above, but users will be vanished and therefore cannot interact with the game

The plugin is still work in progress. If you wish to contribute to its development, please check its GitHub repository.