Objective Names

A few objective names specified in name= can be automatically translated to users who connect to the server using a language other than English in their client. They can be used by themselves or with other words (ie Antenna A). Names are case senstitive.

Translatable Objective Names

Descriptor Patterns

Descriptor Patterns are also supported, which can be used in addition to the Objective Patterns. Multiple descriptor patterns can be used at once (ie Bottom Left Monument). Names are also case senstitive.

Translatable Descriptor Patterns


<!-- Displays as "Adelante" to players using European Spanish -->
<control-point name="Front" capture-time="20s">
<!-- Displays as "Motor A" in European Spanish -->
<destroyable name="Engine A">
<!-- Displays as "Red Drapeau" in French -->
<flag name="Red Flag" id="red-flag" owner="red-team">
<!-- Displays as "Arrière Vaisseau" in French -->
<!-- Note that adjectives aren't swapped properly yet -->
<destroyable name="Rear Ship" id="blue-mon" owner="blue-team"/>