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This module is used to specify the teams used in the match and what their attributes are. Matches without teams can be setup with the Players module.

The soft player limit for each team is set with the max="" attribute and the hard limit with max-overfill. If max overfill is not explicitly defined, the default will be set to 25% over the maximum team size. Players will not be able to join teams once the max overfill team size is reached.

The team's name is specified inside the <team> element. The name should be kept as short as possible and not contain "Team", for example, "Azure" and not "Azure Team". A team's plural attribute specifies if the team name is plural, e.g. "Attackers"; PGM will use this to pick appropriate win messages, etc. The show-name-tags attribute specifies who can see player name tags, this only applies to players, observers will always see all name tags.

<teams> </teams>The teams node, containing all the individual teams.
<team> </team>A single team node containing the team's name.String
Team Attributes
idUnique identifier used to reference this team from other places in the XML.String
colorThe team's display color.Chat Color Name
dye-colorOverride the color used for items given to the team using team-color="true" and control points.Dye Color Name
pluralThe team's name is plural, used in status messages.
e.g., Defenders win! instead of Defenders wins!.
show-name-tagsSpecify who can see the name tags of players in this team.
Observers will always see all name tags.
minThe minimum amount of players required in this team to start a match.Number
maxThe maximum players for this team, normal players cannot join the team once it reaches this size.
Premium players may join over this limit until max-overfill is reached.
max-overfillPlayer overfill — premium players cannot join the match once it reaches this size.
Must be greater than the defined max.
Number25% over max value


<team id="red-team" color="dark red" max="50" max-overfill="70">Red</team>
<team id="blue-team" color="blue" max="50" max-overfill="70">Blue</team>

The total maximum number of players in the example given above is 100, however, the max overfill will allow up to 140 players. Servers currently have a player limit of 150, so 100 players in total would allow 50 observers, or 10 observers if teams are at max overfill.