Cleaning Files

Minecraft will generate quite a few files in your world folder when you create a world. Most of these files are not needed and by deleting them you can reduce the file size when it comes to uploading your world.

Below is a table which displays all the files that may be generated in your world folder, along with a description and whether or not the file is required.

File NameRequired?Description
YESStores global information about the world such as name and generation type
YESContains all the region files of your world
DEPENDSStores map data for craft-able maps -- remove if you are not using custom map items
NOA backup of level.dat before the map was converted from the MCRegion world format to Anvil
NOA backup level.dat
NOA timestamp when the level was last accessed
orNOContains files which store the individual states of each player
NOStores information about Villages in the world
NOContains all the region files for the Nether and The End
NOContains achievements and other stats
NOGenerated by MCEdit
NOForced chunks
NOGenerated by MCEdit/NBTEdit
NOGenerated by Not Enough Items
NOGenerated by Single Player Commands