Ozone FFA

Ozone FFA is a free-for-all adaptation of the original version of Ozone, which was a TDM. Each player fights for himself, and whoever gets the most kills after 10 minutes wins. All players are equipped with bows that shoot ender pearls, allowing them to easily traverse the map.

The various buildings are tall and made with slabs so you can shoot through them with some skill.

This map was copied in 1/4th sections.

➡️ Every map XML file starts with the XML header and then the base <map> module.

<map proto="1.4.2">
<!-- Specifies what the map is called -->
<name>Ozone FFA</name>
<!-- States what version the map is -->
<!-- Tells players what the objective is in order to win the game -->
<objective>Kill the most players in 10 minutes!</objective>
<!-- Set the time limit for the map -->
<!-- States who made the map -->
<author uuid="ef4ea031-998f-4ec9-b7b6-1bdd428bcef8" contribution="Overall map design and XML"/> <!-- Plastix -->
<author uuid="3c7db14d-ac4b-4e35-b2c6-3b2237f382be" contribution="Map design"/> <!-- MonsieurApple -->
<author uuid="82c796a5-c033-43be-af30-fa06496995f9" contribution="*crunch* *crunch* *crunch*"/> <!-- IM_A_H0B0 -->
<author uuid="90e029a3-6873-46a7-8430-0ec3dbc42aba" contribution="Map design and aestethics"/> <!-- SajinZero -->
<!-- States who made contributions to the map -->
<contributor uuid="2553e6f2-3a2c-440b-a6a3-39e3df7fe3ff" contribution="Feedback and aesthetics"/> <!-- Khazhyk -->
<contributor uuid="3ce426cd-2ded-4f83-a9bb-46a57d68d9a5" contribution="Various aesthethics"/> <!-- McYukon -->
<!-- Sets the gamemode title for the map -->

➡️ Sets the teamless map, gives each player a random color, and up to 80 players can join.

<players min="2" max="80" colors="true"/>
<!-- Player earns one point for killing an enemy -->
<!-- Shows any map rules or details that are not in normal server rules -->
<rule>Fall damage is disabled.</rule>
<!-- Tells all players 2 seconds into the match about fall damage and ender pearl bows -->
<alert after="2s">Fall damage is disabled on this map! Bows shoot ender pearls!</alert>

➡️ Defines the kit all players get.

<kit id="spawn-kit">
<item slot="0" unbreakable="true" material="stone sword"/>
<item slot="1" unbreakable="true" material="bow">
<item slot="28" material="arrow"/>
<item slot="2" material="golden apple"/>
<helmet unbreakable="true" team-color="true" material="leather helmet"/>
<chestplate unbreakable="true" team-color="true" material="leather chestplate"/>
<leggings unbreakable="true" material="chainmail leggings">
<enchantment level="3">projectile_protection</enchantment>
<boots unbreakable="true" material="iron boots"/>
<effect duration="5" amplifier="10">damage resistance</effect>

➡️ Specify where the previously defined teams will spawn, the kit they will spawn with and what direction they face.

<cylinder base="0.5,30,0.5" radius="3" height="0"/>
<spawn kit="spawn-kit" spread="true" safe="true">
<!-- Players will spawn facing a central point on the map -->
<regions angle="0.5,10,0.5">
<!-- The 4 towers -->
<cylinder base="103.5,2,103.5" radius="13" height="77"/>
<cylinder base="103.5,2,-102.5" radius="13" height="77"/>
<cylinder base="-102.5,2,103.5" radius="13" height="77"/>
<cylinder base="-102.5,2,-102.5" radius="13" height="77"/>
<!-- Repeat this region to increase probability of PGM choosing this one -->
<cylinder base="0.5,110,0.5" radius="146" height="0"/>
<cylinder base="0.5,110,0.5" radius="146" height="0"/>
<cylinder base="0.5,110,0.5" radius="146" height="0"/>
<cylinder base="0.5,110,0.5" radius="146" height="0"/>
<cylinder base="0.5,110,0.5" radius="146" height="0"/>
<!-- The floating ring at the top -->
<cylinder base="0.5,2,0.5" radius="163" height="20"/>
<cylinder base="0.5,2,0.5" radius="163" height="20"/>

➡️ This map does not feature building, so any block breaking is disabled.

<!-- deny all block place and block break events -->
<!-- defaults to everywhere on the map -->
<apply block="never"/>

➡️ Depending on the item dropped, different things will happen. They may be picked up by players that don't already have the item, kept when the player dies or are completely removed from the map.

<!-- These items will drop, players that already have these items can pick it up and will be merged -->
<tool>stone sword</tool>
<!-- All of these items will be automatically removed when dropped -->
<item>leather helmet</item>
<item>leather chestplate</item>
<item>chainmail leggings</item>
<item>iron boots</item>
<!-- Keep golden apples when you die -->
<item>golden apple</item>

➡️ Give players a golden apple for killing an enemy.

<!-- Get a golden apple after killing a player -->
<item material="golden apple"/>

➡️ Players do not need to worry about hunger in this map, so hunger is disabled.

<!-- Disable hunger from depleating -->

➡️ This changes the properties of bows to shoot Ender Pearls, making players able to quickly teleport around the map.

<!-- Makes all bows shoot Ender Pearls -->
<!-- Makes all bows shoot projectiles at a faster velocity -->

➡️ Disables all falling damage.


➡️ This module will automatically respawn players, and let them spectate others before respawning.

<respawn auto="true" spectate="true"/>

➡️ Close the main <map> module.